About Us

About Us

Our dream of migrating to Australia turned into a nightmare.



The beginning – Life in Mauritius

Wonderful friends, a loving family, promising careers… all against the backdrop of a stunning tropical paradise. We had a good life in Mauritius. It’s no wonder some people thought we were mad for wanting to leave.

But, just like you, a yearning for adventure made us inquisitive about other parts of the world. Australia, in particular, seemed to have it all. Glorious weather, vibrant cities brimming with life and opportunity, sparkling oceans with palm-tree lined sandy beaches.

We sought advice from a reputable firm in Mauritius. But we were told what we wanted to hear, not what we needed to hear. And it almost broke us.

Find out what visa you might be eligible for. We’ll tell you everything you need to hear.


Grass isn’t always greener

We'd been sold the Australian dream

But the reality we experienced in Melbourne was very different to the fantasy we’d been drip-fed. Unprepared for the cost of living, we had to juggle several jobs in order to remain financially independent.

Working so much meant we had no social life. The seafood platters we’d feasted on in Mauritius were a distant memory. We hardly did any sightseeing at all and the loneliness we felt was excruciating. But we couldn’t turn to our families for emotional support because they were thousands of kilometres away.

We knew Australia had so much to offer, but without any support in those early months we began to question whether we could persevere.


Thinking of giving up

Tears were shed almost daily and at our lowest ebb, we made plans to return home to Mauritius

But our old jobs were long gone, so we decided to stick it out in Australia a bit longer.

It was the best decision we ever made, because the longer we stayed, the easier it got. We grew into our new lives, slowly falling in love with Melbourne and making new friends. As we got acquainted with our new home city, something pivotal happened.



Vincent and Danielle’s ‘a-ha!’ Moment

Vincent and Danielle had always yearned for careers that gave them a deep sense of purpose. And when Vincent got a job at a Melbourne migration agency, he saw many ways in which the migrant experience could be improved.

Vincent began training to become a registered migration agent. He always went above and beyond for his clients, offering invaluable practical tips as well as professional migration advice. Why?

Vincent was determined to provide his clients with the best possible start. In 2018, Danielle and Vincent opened their own agency, Orbis Advisors, to make that vision a reality. Since then they’ve built a reputation for being ethical, honest and transparent.

Orbis Advisors don’t sugar-coat the truth. Moving to another country is one of the most exciting and rewarding things you can do. But it also has its challenges.

We’re Qualified

Our qualifications help us to help you. Find out what they mean


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We’re Qualified

We offer up-to-date expert advice and unbeatable service, thanks to these prestigious qualifications.


Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practice

This qualification means:


Qualified Education Agent Counsellors (QEAC)

If you’re considering studying in Australia, you’ll benefit from seeing an education counsellor—as well as a migration agent—because:


BSC Computer Science and Master of Information Technology


Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management and Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment

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