Industry Red Flags

Industry Red Flags

Beware! Don’t make the same mistakes we did…

By trusting the wrong immigration agent, you could find yourself:

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Hi, we’re Vincent and Danielle Couronne, and we’ve been exactly where you are now

Unfortunately, our own migration was riddled with so much needless pain, stress and worry. Why? Because we’d been told what we wanted to hear, not what we needed to hear.

Even worse, we realised the problems we experienced were ubiquitous. In 2018, we set up Orbis Advisors to shake up the migration industry. Our unique selling point is our human-centred approach. We tailor our expert advice to your unique circumstances, goals and dreams.

And our #1 promise?

We’ll always tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

We act with honesty, integrity & transparency, and that’s why we’re going to let you in on a big industry secret

Did you know education advisors receive commissions from the universities they send their clients to? The more expensive ones generally = more commission.

We always give you options so you can choose the most appropriate educational facility for your circumstances. We take into consideration your career goals, your budget and your ideal location before advising you on the best option. Why? Often the price difference is down to geographical location—not the quality of the education.


At Orbis Advisors, we play by the rules. But not all agents do—and the results can be disastrous

*Names changed for privacy reasons

Withholding information from clients and unethical money grabbing

When applying for certain visas, a bridging visa is automatically granted to the applicant to let them stay in Australia while the Department of Home Affairs is making its decision. But not all migration agents tell you this.

One of our clients, John*, found this out the hard way. John had previously lodged an application for a visa through another migration agent. Although John was automatically entitled to a bridging visa while his main application was being processed, his then-agent withheld that information and told John he’d need to pay an additional fee to get his bridging visa. This is a completely false statement.

Applying for a visa without informing the client

It’s the agent’s duty to inform the client of any application outcome from the Department of Home Affairs. The applicant and the agent both have to discuss the next step of the outcome and weigh up the pros and cons. There’s no reason for an agent to act on a client’s behalf without the client being informed.

Prior to engaging Orbis Advisors, Tim* had an appalling experience with another migration agent. When he got a student visa refusal, Tim’s previous agent applied for another visa without informing him of the rejection. After two years, when Tim had to apply for another visa, he didn’t declare he had a previous visa refusal as he simply wasn’t aware of it.

The Department of Home Affairs demanded to know why Tim had made a false declaration. It delayed the whole process and put him in a very precarious position, all because of the irresponsible actions of a reckless agent.


Unfortunately, there are many scammers in the industry promising permanent residency through employer sponsorship or working visas.

We’ve had cases where the client has paid tens of thousands of dollars for securing visas and jobs. Being guaranteed a visa is a huge red flag, because no migration agent can legally guarantee a successful outcome. What can be guaranteed is filing the strongest application possible.

If the agent is claiming to be the business owner offering the job and acting as the sponsor, alarm bells should immediately start ringing because this is a conflict of interest. It is possible for the agent to have someone in their network looking to sponsor an employee. Just make sure you check the viability of the business, the registration number, the address, the ABN, and any other essential details. A contract should be drafted with all the employment conditions clearly mentioned.

How Orbis Advisors can help


We put all the options on the table and let you have the final decision.

We Advise

We work together by identifying ways to file the strongest application possible. We advise you on how to increase your points and the best timing for lodging your application.

Stress Free

Making the visa process stress free is what we strive for. Our team regularly updates you on the status of your application and we send reminders when your visa is about to expire.


The migration world is a dynamic one, with ever-changing laws and standards. We make it our duty to inform you when there is a change that might directly impact your migration journey. Review and adjust is what we do best.


Our advice goes beyond migration counselling solely. We guide you on how to settle in Australia by connecting you with people in our network and sharing useful tips about life in Australia.

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Sadly, the migration industry has been marred by misinformation and fraud

These are some red flags to watch out for:

Unqualified people giving advice – don’t be afraid to ask agents to see proof of their registration.

An employee should NEVER be asked to pay an employer to sponsor them.

Run for the hills if there is any suggestion of a fake de facto relationship.

Agents suggesting only expensive courses for student visas. There are cheaper options.

Manufactured reviews on websites and promotional material.

Agents withholding information or springing unexpected charges.

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We’re Qualified

We offer up-to-date expert advice and unbeatable service, thanks to these prestigious qualifications.


Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practice

This qualification means:


Qualified Education Agent Counsellors (QEAC)

If you’re considering studying in Australia, you’ll benefit from seeing an education counsellor—as well as a migration agent—because:


BSC Computer Science and Master of Information Technology


Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management and Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment

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